Strongest Men VS Strongest Fish


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In this episode of BlacktipH, I go fishing with some of the strongest men in the world to try battle one the strongest fish in the world!

I invited JujiMufu (fitness freak and social media celebrity), Devon Larratt (World Arm Wrestling Champion and ex-special forces), and Layne Norton (World Champion powerlifter and fitness expert) on a quest to catch some monster Goliath groupers using stand-up tackle. Everyone quickly discovered how difficult it is to catch goliath groupers using stand-up tackle. All three men had very intense battles with these sea monsters!

Can humans match the sheer physical power of these giants of the ocean?

When it comes to strength contests, humans have always sought out animals to battle against. One of the most popular comparisons is strongest men vs strongest fish. Although humans have achieved great feats of strength through the centuries, they pale in comparison to the raw power and strength of the giant fish that live in the depths of the ocean.

The strongest fish on the planet is the ocean sunfish or mola mola. This fish is a behemoth, measuring up to 14 feet and weighing over 4,000 pounds. It has an almost disk-like shape, with a truncated tail and a head that’s attached directly to its body. The mola mola is an incredibly powerful swimmer, capable of speeds up to 3 miles per hour. They are also known for their impressive leaps out of the water, something that few humans could ever hope to replicate.

In contrast, even the strongest men on the planet cannot match up to the strength of the mola mola. The reigning World’s Strongest Man title holder, Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, known for his role as “The Mountain” in Game of Thrones, has an impressive deadlift record of 501 kg (1,105 lb). This is an immense feat of strength, but it pales in comparison to the power of a mola mola. When a sunfish needs to change depth or direction, it can exert more than 5,000 foot-pounds of force in a single stroke of its massive dorsal fin.

Another example of a formidable fish is the bluefin tuna. They are renowned for their speed and agility, capable of swimming at top speeds approaching 45 miles per hour. They can also grow to impressive sizes, with some individuals measuring over 10 feet in length and weighing over 1,500 pounds. Once hooked, bluefin tuna will put up a fierce fight, often taking hours for fishermen to reel them in.

While humans can certainly outsmart and outmaneuver these fish using their intelligence and skills, they cannot match their sheer physical power. Even the biggest and strongest athletes in the world would have no chance against these giants of the ocean.

In conclusion, while humans have accomplished incredible feats of strength and endurance, they pale in comparison to the raw power and strength of the strongest fish on the planet. The ocean is home to some of the most formidable and powerful creatures in existence, and humans can only hope to explore and learn more about them, without ever being able to match their strength.

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