Gordon Ramsay Makes SPAM Scrambled Eggs in Hawaii | Scrambled


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This week on Gordon’s National Geographic Channel series Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, he heads to Hawaii explore the Hana Coast.

And for this week’s Scrambled, he’s making eggs with a Hawaiian delicacy: SPAM with Maui’s own Sheldon Simeon! Catch Uncharted on Sundays at 10/9c on National Geographic and new episodes of Scrambled right here weekly!

How did Ramsay’s SPAM scrambled eggs differ from traditional scrambled eggs?

World-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay made a surprise visit to Hawaii recently and cooked up a storm as he whipped up some delectable dishes. Among his creations was the mouthwatering SPAM scrambled eggs, which he showcased in an episode of his cooking series, “Scrambled.”

The video went viral as Ramsay served up a unique take on a classic breakfast staple. SPAM is a popular canned meat product in Hawaii, and Ramsay combined it with eggs to make a breakfast dish that locals and visitors alike would love. The dish involves cooking diced SPAM in a pan until it is crispy and adding beaten eggs to create fluffy scrambled eggs. He then garnished the dish with chives and served it with a side of rice, a perfect accompaniment to the salty SPAM.

The dish received rave reviews from viewers who were excited to see Ramsay utilizing a staple ingredient embraced by the Hawaiian people. SPAM has a long history in Hawaii, where it has been popularized due to its long shelf life and its versatility in creating delicious dishes. It is a common ingredient found in Hawaiian cuisine such as musubi and saimin.

Ramsay’s dish brought the simple and humble SPAM to the forefront of culinary conversations on social media. The video was a reminder of how a chef can take a simple ingredient and transform it into a delicious meal.

The global fame of Chef Ramsay has led to many food lovers traveling to Hawaii to try his SPAM scrambled eggs. The dish’s popularity is evident on social media as visitors share their experiences of trying SPAM dishes from different places in Hawaii. It has become one of the must-try dishes for visitors to the state.

In conclusion, Gordon Ramsay’s SPAM scrambled eggs were a unique take on a morning staple and showcased his culinary expertise. The dish highlighted an ingredient that is a staple in Hawaiian cuisine, showing how simple ingredients can be transformed into extraordinary dishes. The dish has become a must-try when visiting the Hawaiian Islands, showing the power of a celebrity chef’s influence.

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