Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate – Battling with Sora – Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate – Battling with Sora – Nintendo Switch

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The iconic Keyblade wielder arrives to the battlefield.

Sora from KINGDOM HEARTS will be the final Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate DLC fighter! Look forward to the release of Sora in Challenger Pack 11 on 10/18.

What are some of the unique gameplay mechanics that Sora brings to Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate?

Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate is one of the most popular fighting games in the world, and with the recent addition of Sora to the game, it has become even more exciting. Sora, the main protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series, has been a highly anticipated addition to the game, and has lived up to the expectations of fans.

Sora is a great addition to the Smash Bros.™ roster due to his unique fighting style, incorporating keyblades and magic attacks. His ability to use magic attacks such as Fire, Blizzard and Thunder increases his versatility in gameplay and provides players with a chance to use multiple fighting styles to defeat their opponents.

Sora also has a number of special moves unique to him. The first of these is the standard special move, the Blizzaga, which allows Sora to shoot three small ice projectiles that deal a great amount of damage. His side special move, Strike Raid, is a powerful attack that sends his keyblade flying towards his opponent. Sora’s up special move, the Aerial Recovery, allows him to quickly recover when thrown off stage. Finally, his down special move, Counter Rush, allows him to counter any attack and deliver a devastating blow to his opponent.

Sora’s inclusion in the game also brings with it a new level featuring the world of Kingdom Hearts. The level is set in Traverse Town, one of the many worlds featured in the Kingdom Hearts series. The level contains many unique features, such as Dream Eaters, the enemies from Kingdom Hearts, and the ability to change the form of Sora’s keyblade.

Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate fans are thrilled about the addition of Sora to the game, as it delivers a unique and exciting gaming experience that fans have been waiting for. The gameplay mechanics and special moves of Sora offer new challenges and strategies for fighting game enthusiasts to explore.

Overall, the addition of Sora to the Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate roster has proven to be a valuable one, providing an incredible new gaming experience for fans of the Kingdom Hearts series and the Smash Bros.™ franchise. With Sora’s keyblade and magic attacks, the world of Smash Bros.™ has been shaken up, and players are eager to try and master this new and exciting fighter.

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