I Bought A Water Park

I Bought A Water Park

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We went to a completely empty water park!

Literally a childhood dream come true. lol

What inspired the author to purchase a water park during the pandemic?

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I Did What? I Bought A Water Park!

Last summer, in the midst of a pandemic lockdown, I made a crazy decision: I bought a water park. Yes, you read that right. Not a boat or a beach house, but a 10-acre aquatic playground with slides, pools, and fountains. How did that happen, you may ask? Well, let me tell you the story.

First of all, I should clarify that I did not do it alone. I had partners who shared my passion for water sports, entrepreneurship, and risk-taking. We had been exploring various investment opportunities, from cryptocurrency to cannabis, but none of them excited us as much as the idea of owning and operating a water park. It seemed like a fun and profitable business, with potential for growth and innovation.

After some research and networking, we found a water park that was for sale in a neighboring state. It had been closed for a year due to financial problems and maintenance issues, but it had good infrastructure, location, and reputation. We visited the park, interviewed the staff and managers, and inspected the facilities. We also studied the market trends and projections for water parks, especially in the post-COVID era. We calculated the costs and benefits of buying and reopening the park, and we drafted a business plan that included strategies for safety, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

Then came the hard part: negotiating the price and the terms of the purchase. We had to negotiate not only with the owners but also with the banks, the creditors, and the legal authorities. We had to prove that we had the financial and managerial capacity to revive the park and pay off the debts. We had to ensure that we were buying a clean and legally sound asset that would not burden us with hidden liabilities. We had to overcome our own fears and doubts about the risks and uncertainties of the venture. We had to rely on each other’s skills, knowledge, and friendship to make the deal happen.

Finally, after months of talks and paperwork, we became the new owners of a water park. It was a surreal and exciting moment, driving to the park with our families and friends, knowing that we were about to embark on a new adventure that would challenge and reward us in many ways. It was also a daunting and humbling moment, realizing that we were now responsible for the lives and joys of thousands of visitors who would trust us with their safety and happiness.

Since then, we have been busy with renovations, marketing, and training. We have invested in new equipment, systems, and facilities that enhance the value and quality of the park. We have hired a diverse and talented team that shares our vision and values of excellence, inclusivity, and sustainability. We have implemented strict protocols and standards that comply with the CDC and local health guidelines for COVID prevention and mitigation. We have also innovated some new services and activities that make the park more exciting and engaging for different age groups and interests.

The results have been encouraging and rewarding. Despite the challenges and limitations posed by the pandemic, we have attracted a steady stream of customers who appreciate the value and experience of our water park. We have received positive feedback and reviews from many of them, who praise our cleanliness, friendliness, and fun. We have also seen the potential for growth and expansion, as more and more people seek outdoor and water activities as a safe and enjoyable way to bond, exercise, and relax.

Of course, owning and operating a water park is not a picnic, or a splash for that matter. It requires a lot of hard work, patience, and creativity. It also involves risks and uncertainties that we cannot control or predict. We are aware that we are not immune to accidents, emergencies, or crises that could damage our reputation and finances. We are also aware that we cannot please everyone, and that we may face criticism, competition, or regulation that could affect our business model and prospects.

Nevertheless, we are proud and grateful for what we have achieved so far. We are happy to have taken a bold and unconventional step in our lives and careers. We are hopeful and positive about the future of our water park, and the role it can play in the community where we operate. We are also open and curious to learning from our mistakes and challenges, and to improving ourselves and the park as we go along.

So, if you happen to pass by our water park one day, and see a bunch of happy and busy folks running around, waving their arms and screaming their lungs out, don’t be shy. Join us, and dive into the fun. Who knows, you might even meet one of the crazy folks who bought a water park.

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