How to Get Bigger Biceps (TALLER & WIDER!)


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If you want to get bigger biceps but feel you have tried every biceps exercise without seeing the results you have been aiming for, then you need to watch this video.

Here I’m going to show you the best tip for improving every bicep workout you will do from here on out. In fact, when you see and feel how to perform this move, you’re going to start getting more out of your bicep exercises that may have not felt as effective as they should have in the past.

It starts with understanding how the body prefers to work. When trying to accomplish a task, the body is always going to look for ways to compensate in order to be more efficient. It does not want to waste any unnecessary energy and therefore will look for other muscles that it can ask to chip in to complete the task, whether you wanted them to or not.

When it comes to strength training, this is a great thing. Moving the most amount of weight from point A to point B is essential when it comes to getting stronger. In fact, it is the definition of strength. The more you can lift the more strength you have. That said, when you are trying to simply grow the size of a muscle, in this case the biceps, your job is to find ways to make sure the muscle in question does all of the work without the help of others.

When it comes to the biceps, the forearms are the enemy of your gains. This is because this nearby muscle group (the flexors of the forearms) are not just in the immediate vicinity of the biceps but share a similar function in that they like to contribute to the pulling exercises in your workouts. This means that when you are doing bicep exercises that pull the weight towards you (as in every variation of a curl or even a chinup or a row) the forearms will contribute – if you let them.

I say if, because if you want to take them out of it you can greatly minimize their contribution by consciously making a tweak to the position of your wrist on every bicep exercise. You want to allow your wrist to bend backwards as opposed to curl towards the upper arm when doing your exercises. This will take some practice and awareness but if you try the two handed waiter curl that I show you in the early part of this video you will be able to feel what it is that you are trying to recreate on every other movement.

From here, you can do this on every other biceps curl exercise or chin up and get the same feelings and benefits. The key is never to let the bar or pullup bar drift too far towards the fingers. Grip them deep in the palm. This will prevent unnecessary overload on the distal deep finger tendons which will place an undue stress on the medial elbow tendon attachment.

Give this a try and let me know how it works for you. I promise you, if you do exactly what I show you here in this video you are going to start building bigger biceps starting in your very next workout. It doesn’t take long to start feeling and seeing the benefits of this one powerful tip. If you’re looking for a step by step complete workout program to not just build bigger biceps but an overall more ripped and powerful body, click the link below and start your 90 day transformation.

What are some compound exercises that can help increase bicep size?

How to Get Bigger Biceps (TALLER & WIDER!)

For many fitness enthusiasts, growing bigger biceps is one of the main goals of their workout routine. Not only are large, defined biceps aesthetically pleasing, but they are also functional and can improve overall strength and performance. In this article, we will explore some of the best ways to get bigger biceps both taller and wider.

1. Incorporate compound exercises

One of the most effective ways to get bigger biceps is through compound exercises. These are exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once, such as the back, chest, and biceps. Some of the most popular compound exercises for biceps include pull-ups, chin-ups, and rows. By increasing the weight and intensity of these exercises, you can help to stimulate muscle growth and increase the size of your biceps.

2. Focus on isolation exercises

While compound exercises are great for overall strength and fitness, isolation exercises specifically target and work the biceps. Examples of isolation exercises include bicep curls, preacher curls, and hammer curls. These exercises help to isolate the bicep muscle, allowing for maximum growth and development.

3. Increase your volume and frequency

To achieve bigger biceps, you should aim to increase your training volume and frequency. This means performing more sets and reps, and increasing the number of times per week you work the biceps. However, it is essential to be cautious of overtraining, as this can lead to injury or burnout. It is best to gradually increase your volume and frequency over time, allowing your body to adjust and adapt to the workload.

4. Use progressive overload

Progressive overload is the principle of gradually increasing the weight or resistance of an exercise over time. By continually challenging the muscles with heavier weights, you force them to adapt and grow stronger. This principle can be applied to various bicep exercises, such as bicep curls and rows. However, it is crucial to use proper form and technique to avoid injury when training with heavy weights.

5. Get enough rest and recovery

Finally, getting enough rest and recovery is crucial for muscle growth and development. After intense training, the muscle fibers must repair and recover, a process that requires adequate rest and nutrition. Ensure you are getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet with plenty of protein, and allowing for rest days in your workout routine.

In conclusion, developing bigger biceps requires a combination of compound and isolation exercises, progressive overload, increased volume and frequency, and proper rest and recovery. With proper technique, patience, and dedication, anyone can achieve taller and wider biceps to enhance their overall fitness and aesthetic appearance.

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