America’s Next Top Model Contestants Who Actually Made It

America's Next Top Model Contestants Who Actually Made It

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America’s Next Top Model is a a long-running show that features young people trying to make it in the world of modeling.

Over its many seasons, fans have become enamored with many of these talented young people, and have cheered as they walked their way to the top of the competition. Getting the win on ANTM isn’t a guarantee of a successful career to come, but it has been a stepping stone for certain models into bigger and better things. We’ll cover a few fan favorites from years past, and see where they are today. In all cases, they’ve done pretty well for themselves. Here are the America’s Next Top Model contestants who actually made it.

Who are some of the most successful contestants from America’s Next Top Model?

America’s Next Top Model has been a popular reality show since its inception in 2003. The show follows aspiring models as they compete against one another in various challenges and photo shoots, with the ultimate goal of becoming America’s Next Top Model. While many contestants have come and gone, there are a few who have managed to make a name for themselves in the fashion industry.

One of the most successful contestants from the show is Eva Marcille. Eva appeared on the third season of America’s Next Top Model and was the winner of the competition. Since then, she has worked as a model for various brands and has even made appearances on television shows and movies.

Another successful model from the show is Nyle DiMarco. Nyle won the 22nd season of America’s Next Top Model and has since become a prominent model and actor. He has worked with brands such as Calvin Klein and has even appeared on Dancing with the Stars and Switched at Birth.

Jaslene Gonzalez, who won the eighth season of America’s Next Top Model, has also gone on to have a successful modeling career. She has appeared in numerous fashion shows and has even been featured in magazines such as Latina and Seventeen.

Cycle 15 contestant Analeigh Tipton has also made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. While she did not win the competition, she has appeared in movies such as Crazy, Stupid, Love and Warm Bodies.

Apart from these contestants, other models from the show have gone on to have successful careers in the fashion industry as well. Many have walked on runways, modeled for designers, and have even landed major campaigns for brands.

While success in the fashion industry is never guaranteed, the opportunities present on America’s Next Top Model have helped many aspiring models gain the exposure needed to launch their careers. The show provides a platform for talented individuals to make a name for themselves and to showcase their abilities to the world.

In conclusion, many contestants from America’s Next Top Model have gone on to have successful careers in the fashion and entertainment industries. While the competition may be tough, those who work hard and showcase their talent on the show often go on to make their mark in their respective fields. It is a testament to the power of opportunity and the potential for greatness that exists within us all.

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