15 Times Stormi Was Spoiled By Kylie And Travis

15 Times Stormi Was Spoiled By Kylie And Travis

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Little Stormi Webster gets everything she could ever want!

Stormi Webster has a closet full of her own school bus, a life-size carriage, over-the-top birthday parties and even a pony are all gifts that are way over the top for a toddler! Fans of this famous couple know that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott spare no expense when it comes to giving daughter Stormi Webster everything she could dream of!

Now that Kylie and Travis are expecting baby number two, will they continue to spoil their little one with designer clothes, shoes, and extravagant trips around the world? This three-year-old is soon to be a big sister – but will she be able to share? I mean, there’s still plenty of room in the private jet, so why not!?

Even a trip to the zoo is extravagant for this family.

Do you think it’s a bit much? Stormi Webster gets everything her parents can dream of providing. Kylie and Travis will have to get things under control before baby number two arrives! The only thing worse than one spoiled kid is TWO!

What did Kylie and Travis do to create an amusement park experience for Stormi during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are known to go above and beyond for their daughter, Stormi Webster. Despite being just three years old, Stormi has already been treated to some incredible experiences and lavish gifts. Here are 15 times Stormi was spoiled by her famous parents:

1. Stormi’s First Birthday Party

In 2019, Kylie and Travis threw Stormi an epic first birthday party, complete with a giant inflatable replica of Stormi’s head, a butterfly garden, and carnival games. Stormi even had her own mini Louis Vuitton purse and sweatshirt.

2. Private Jet Rides

Stormi has traveled in style since she was a baby, often flying on private jets with her parents. In 2019, Kylie even decorated the jet’s interior with a Stormi mural.

3. Designer Clothing

Kylie loves to dress her daughter in designer clothes, such as Burberry, Fendi, and Gucci. Stormi has also been spotted in custom-made outfits, such as a red jumpsuit with her name embroidered on it.

4. Stormi’s Own Car

At just two years old, Stormi received her own miniature Lamborghini, complete with a personalized license plate that read “Stormi’s World.”

5. Luxury Vacations

Kylie and Travis have taken Stormi on several lavish vacations, such as a winter getaway to Aspen and a beach vacation to the Turks & Caicos Islands.

6. In-Home Amusement Park

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kylie and Travis transformed their home into an amusement park for Stormi, complete with a ball pit and a slide.

7. Stormi’s Own Theme Park

In May 2021, Kylie rented out a whole theme park for Stormi’s third birthday party. The party included carnival rides, games, and Stormi-themed decorations.

8. Diamond Necklace

For Christmas 2019, Travis gifted Stormi a diamond chain necklace with a pendant that spelled out her name in diamonds.

9. Personalized Cookies

For Stormi’s first day of preschool, Kylie had personalized cookies made with Stormi’s face on them.

10. A Pony

In 2020, Kylie surprised Stormi with her own pony named Frozen.

11. Matching Outfits

Kylie loves to coordinate outfits with Stormi, often wearing matching looks while out and about.

12. Toy Shopping Sprees

Kylie has documented her and Stormi’s toy shopping sprees on social media, showing off the dozens of toys and dolls Stormi receives.

13. A Playhouse

In 2020, Travis built Stormi her own custom playhouse, complete with a lofted bed and a toy kitchen.

14. Birthday Gifts

For Stormi’s second birthday, Kylie gave her a diamond-encrusted chain necklace and a Birkin bag. And for her third birthday, Travis gifted Stormi a diamond-encrusted figurine.

15. A Private Island Vacation

In October 2020, Kylie and Travis took Stormi on a private island vacation for her third birthday. The photos showed the family enjoying the beach and water activities.

In conclusion, it’s clear that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott spare no expense when it comes to spoiling their daughter, Stormi Webster. From designer clothes and private jets to luxury vacations and personalized gifts, Stormi has already experienced a life of extreme privilege. Despite criticism from some people, it’s obvious that Kylie and Travis love their daughter and want to give her the best life possible.

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